The greatest journey we can ever take is the journey within.

Professional yoga, meditation and energy work for those seeking balance of body, mind & soul.


Kerry offers a range of yoga sessions from traditional hatha, mindfulness meditation, prenatal yoga to post natal yoga and baby massage. She also facilitates a range of workshops, retreats, beach yoga sessions & private tuition.

Yoga in Pembrokeshire


Kerry has carefully designed a range of online yoga sessions, offering people the opportunity to access short guided lessons in the comfort of their own home. Her sequences vary in style and intensity, offering something for everyone.


Kerry has always been interested in eastern healing modalities and undertook her first formal energy healing training in 2007. She firmly believes that to live a harmonious life we need a balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual.


Kerry’s passionate about natural approaches towards taking care of her body. As a Neal’s Yard Organic Representative she believes in harnessing the power of natural remedies that are good for the soul and the planet.


  • Wellbeing Within Day Retreat Saturday 21st September

    Our ‘Wellbeing Within’ day retreat is an invitation for you to dedicate time just for yourself, to turn inwards and refocus on what really matters for a happier and healthier way of being. Kerry will be co-hosting with Amy Desborough who is a nutritionist and kinesioloigist

  • Introduction to Prenatal Yoga tbc

    Kerry teaches a gentle yet dynamic form of pregnancy yoga. During this workshop you will work with the body to open gently, releasing physical tension to help recognise and work through any emotional fears in preparation for birth. Kerry will help you become more in tune with your body, your baby and your breath, whilst learning new skills that will support you towards a positive, empowering pregnancy and birthing experience

  • Meditation for All Sundays evenings once monthly 7-8pm

    Whether you’re completely new to meditation or you have an existing practice and want to spend your Sunday evening with like minded souls, then this is the perfect class for you. Meditation is beneficial for so many things including stress release, anxiety, helping with insomnia, focusing your mind and general health & well being.